EMPP/ EMPA Introduction to Statistics, LSE - 2019-2020, Teaching Assistant

Instructor: Prof. Daniel Sturm

Quantitative Methods for Public Policy (PP455), LSE - 2019-2020, Teaching Fellow

Instructor: Prof. Mark Schankerman

Quantitative Approaches and Policy Analysis (PP455), LSE - 2018-2021, Teaching Fellow

Instructors: Dr. Jeremiah Dittmar and Prof. Mark Schankerman

Introduction to Quantitative Methods for the MPA Programme (PP408), LSE - 2017-2020, Teaching Assistant

Instructors: Dr. Alexandra Cirone, Dr. Tolga Sinmazdemir, Ms. Celine Zipfel, Dr Rachael McLellan

Introductory Course in Statistics (EC400), LSE - 2017, Teaching Assistant

Instructor: Dr. Marcia Schafgans

Microeconomic Principles I (EC201), LSE - 2017-2018, Teaching Assistant

Instructors: Dr. Margaret Bray and Prof. Erik Eyster

Economics A (EC100), LSE - 2016-2017

Instructors: Prof. Alan Manning and Dr. Rachel Ngai

Introductory ArcGIS for Ph.D. Students, Bocconi University - 2015, Instructor

Introductory Stata for IGIER Visiting Students, Bocconi University - 2015, Instructor